Monday, November 12, 2012

Alumni Survey

A total of 262 self-administered paper-and-pen feedbacks were receivedbetween April 2010 and October 2011. From the collated data, 92% of the participants self-assessed that they were better equipped in drama related skills after the drama workshops & rehearsals.
As SOOGI was responding to the improvement request from the previous year’s feedback on providing additional rehearsals for each workshop, it had moved toward to providing quality coaching for its participants. Thus, the decrease in the number of workshops as compared with the previous year was necessary. In fact, the request for improvement in providing additional rehearsals had significantly dropped (10%) from 12% to 2% in comparison with previous and current years’ responses.

69% of the participants from the current year’s workshops had commented that they benefitted from the prayers and worship prior to their workshop. 67% of the current year’s participants agreed that they had learnt the theatre warm-ups and exercisesconducted at workshops and rehearsals. 74%of the responses gathered from current year’s workshops were in good opinion of Pamela Lee on her coaching delivery. Drama coach, Pamela, would make sincere efforts to uplift the spirits of the participants during sessions.
Worth mentioning, at least 81% of the participants expressed that they were very encouraged by Coach Pamela throughout the workshops. This saw an increment of 3% in the similar response from the group of participants in previous year’s workshops and productions.
In conclusion, the workshops were well received by a majority of participants with an improvement in their drama acting skills. Worship, prayers and warm-ups are beneficial for the participants to prepare their heart and body to take on their entrusted roles. Ms Pamela Lee had maintained her professionalism as a good coach and positive encourager to many.

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